The Alpereum MineThe Alpereum mine is located in what used to be a factory building, but now a municipality-run foundation up in the Glarus Alps.

The New Big Player

The Alpereum mine is the largest Ether mine, outside of China, Russia and Iceland, and is projected to deliver between 0.5 % and 1.0 % of the complete Ethereum network hash-rate.

Experienced Staff

Alpereum employees highly skilled staff in the areas of crypto mining, pool mining, IT-administration, blockchain software development, finance and regulations.

We claim that the Alpereum team is amongst the very best in these fields, worldwide.

Reliable Hardware

Our equipment is setup by mining professionals with many years of expereince.

We use the best hardware available, and we do not over-crowd our data center, which as a consequence does not become over-heated.

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Why Choose UsSwiss Crypto Mining & Pools

It ties well into the decentralization objective of crypto-currency to have a notable mining facility, placed outside of the classical mining jurisdictions, and the Alpereum mine thus puts Switzerland firmly on the crypto mining world map.

Primarily the Alpereum mine is an ETH-only mine, employing large quantity Radeon GPUs to hash for the Ethereum network.

The mine also contains non-Alpereum equipment, such as Ant-miners (Bitcoin) and GPU rigs, belonging to external parties which are scheduled to join the Alpereum ETH Pool May 1st 2016.

The Alpereum ETH mine is projected to keep expanding with the network hashrate, until filling the complete 1st floor of the mining facility.

In the summer of 2016 with the release of the 4th generation of bitcoin mining hardware, the Alpereum Bitcoin mine is planned to take up the 2nd floor of the mining facility.

The Alpereum mines, while midterm-profitable in themselves, primarily serve the purpose of providing a stable baseline hash-rate for the Alpereum mining pools.

With a significant hash-rate baseline of hashing power in the Alpereum pools, stable payouts and performance will be guaranteed. Furthermore, ample hashing power is available for testing purposes, as the pool software is continuously improved, moving forward.

Nicolai Oster, Bitcoin Suisse AG, & Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum

Attractive Power Costs

We can offer power costs at low-end Swiss industrial rates.

Experienced Mining Crew

The operational staff in the Alpereum mining facility has many years of experience mining crypto-currencies.

Credibility and Trust

There have been many shady enterprises in the field of mining and mine-hosting.
We are a credible Swiss partner you can trust.