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The Alpereum ETH Pool

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The Alpereum ETH pool is a solution, built on the open source uNOMP mining pool software, implementing the Stratum protocol – with a custom built ETH interface and a custom built security and performance enhancing layer.

The pool software has been designed and built by the software development team at Bitcoin Suisse, re-using trusted and proven mining software from primarily the bitcoin world.

The cloud- based IT-infrastructure to host the pool is designed, setup and managed by experienced pool systems administrators, for excellent connectivity, low latency, security and high performance.

The mining pool software developed for the Alpereum pool is projected to be released as open source, for free use by the Ethereum community in mid-June 2016.

The Alpereum ETH pool will come complete with easy-to-understand setup instructions for miners, detailed statistics and fast payouts. But mining clients of the pool will also be offered a wide range of financial services, normally not part of pool mining solutions.

Alpereum aims to set a new bench mark for ETH pool mining. In doing so measures will be implemented to prevent centralization, as well as provide a complete insight in performance and financials for the miners.