We have had many request regarding API. Below we have listed all the operations used for the website.

Please note that this is the first draft. More details will follow.

General pool statistics

Used for the Statistics page:

Used for the graphs on the statics page (hashrate, worker count and blocks):

Field Description Example
time Timestamp 1475240986000

Field Description Example

Field Description Example
hashrate Total hashrate 16331339822
workerCount Total worker count 285

Field Description Example
hashrate Pending blocks 1
confirmed Confirmed blocks 1869
orphaned Orphaned blocks 87
uncle Uncles 281



Used for the performance/luck page:

Field Description Example
timeStamp Timestamp when block is found 1475618335000
blockNumber Number of the block 2380979
blockReward The amount of ether revieced for the block 5.025552482000002
payoutReward The amount of ether distributed for the block. Pool fee subtracted. 5.028307964630127
totalHashes Total number of hashes produced in the round 81629598447762
netdif Network difficulty 87256832418488
type Block type Block|Uncle
blockTime Time since last block 1475618332
staleHashes Stale hashes are the hashes that were submitted after the block was already solved 1989324561578
luck Luck percentage. 110

Worker statistics

Used for the graphs on the worker address page (hashrate, worker count):

Field Description Example
time 1475239815000
hashrate Total hashrate for all workers/rigs mining to the address 10000000
staleHashrate Total stale hashes for all workers/rigs mining to the address 0
submittedHashrate Total submitted hashrates for all workers/rigs mining to the address 0
workers Total workers/rigs mining to the address 2

Used for the graphs on the workers/rigs page (hashrate, variable difficulty):


Field Description Example
time 1475527492000
hashrate Total hashrate for the rig 126666666
staleHashrate Total stale hashes for the rig 0
submittedHashrate Total submitted hashrates for the rig 0
avgdiff Difficulty for the rig. Will varry if mining on a port using VarDif. 4000
avgsharetime Time since last submitted share 10

Payment statistics


Balance of a specific miner

Field Description Example
address Address of the miner 0x10f216b20b1d358749b8305caed6cf771f9e987a
balances Current balance of the miner {“coin”:”ether”,”balance”:”0.08786625047021259″,”paid”:”253.94147212120504947″}

Latest payments for a specific address.

Field Description Example
timestamp Timestamp when the payment were executed 1474940780791
from Sender of the payment (address of the pool) 0x6c7f03ddfdd8a37ca267c88630a4fee958591de0
to Recipient of the payment (address of the miner) 0x10f216b20b1d358749b8305caed6cf771f9e987a
amount Amount paid to the miner 4.040650294249931
transactionReceipt Receipt for the payment 0xbe989922169cdac7e82c8885e80edd2c8e348ed8953884944923c1de2567fdb9