Pool Shutdown – 8 November 2017

By 1 December 2017 the Alpereum Ethereum Mining Pool will be shutdown permanently.

All stratum servers will be shutdown by 15 November 2017. Afterwards balances above 0.001 ETH will be paid out.

We recommended all miners to move their mining activity to other mining pools as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, issues, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through our support system.

Thank you for mining with Alpereum! We greatly appreciate your loyalty over the past 18 months!

The Alpereum Team
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SWISS ALL THE WAY In a world where crypto mining seems to become centralized in specific regions, such as China, Russia and Iceland, there is now a Swiss alternative.

Switzerland is a geo-politically stable region, with rule of law and favorable regulations in regards to crypto currency.

While our international team includes people from all over the world, all operations are in Switzerland and managed by Swiss legal entity Bitcoin Suisse AG.

The Alpereum mine is powered by hydro-electric power from the nearby Axpo glacial hydro electric plant.


Often both mining centers and mining pools are run in sweatshop conditions, hiding from authorities. Stability and reliability often leave much to be desired.

The Alpereum mining facilities and pools operate openly, and our world-wide cloud based infrastructure guarantees low latency and a high degree of stability.


In the world of crypto mining pools, there have been and continue to be a number of bad actors. Incidents such as exit rips and skimming have been rampant.

By providing a trustworthy and credible partner in the form of Bitcoin Suisse AG, a Swiss regulated and licensed financial intermediary and service provider with a three year track record of excellence, miners can rest assured they get their fair share.


Switzerland boasts perhaps the best data and privacy laws of any jurisdiction worldwide.

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a Swiss regulated financial intermediary, and hosts all private client data in Switzerland, securely encrypted.

Miners and financial partners can rely on their data being kept private.

We Offer

Transparent and professional
mining pools

It's Easy to
to start mining

Alpereum aims to make mining easy.

We will present FAQ's and setup videos for mining against our pools.

A few clicks and very little configuration, and you will be mining.

help desk
why choose usAlpereum does much more than offer competitive prices. We allow miners to have their equipment hosted by, and mine against pools, run by a trustworthy counterparty.
We allow investors to invest directly in mining. We offer financial services well beyond that of crypto currency payouts, such as hedging and fiat currency handling.
Most of all - we offer transparency and mining pools you can trust.

Reliable Hardware

Our equipment is set up by mining professionals with many years of experience.

We use the best hardware available and we do not overcrowd our data center

High Level Security

Setup by security specialists, employing encryption, sophisticated anti-fraud procedures and DDoS protection. Alpereum mining pools are much safer than most of the standard pools.

The mining facility is fully insured, and the financial institutions behind the Alpereum brand very solvent.

Amazing Uptime

A worldwide cloud infrastructure with a full failover system in place ensures pools with the highest standards in regard to uptime.

All mining rigs are surveilled - and failures are immediately detected.
In the mining data centre mining operators are always on call and ready to react to a crisis situation.


The Alpereum brand is owned and administrated by Bitcoin Suisse AG, a regulated Swiss financial intermediary.


All private client data is kept securely encrypted in Switzerland, and not shared with any 3rd party.

Reliable IT-infrastructure

Our pools are run on high-quality cloud solutions with full failover and excellent connectivity.

24/7 Monitoring

At all times, the pools and mining rigs are surveilled in terms of hashrate and power consumption. The uptime of the infrastructure is likewise monitored.

Crypto-financials are tracked in real time, and potential leaks quickly identified and handled. The facility itself is also surveilled through live streaming video.

Experienced Staff

Alpereum employs highly skilled staff in the areas of crypto mining, pool mining, IT-administration, blockchain software development, finance and regulations.

We claim that the Alpereum team is amongst the very best in these fields, worldwide.

Regular Payouts

Our mining pools all employ low payout limits (0.2 ETH) and 30 minute payouts for all miners participating.

Fiat transactions are likewise handled swiftly, with same-day or next-day speed.

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